Thursday, December 9, 2010

Russia says Julian Assange should get the Nobel peace prize!

And we agree. Here's the story from the UK Guardian:

Russia has suggested that Julian Assange should be awarded the Nobel peace prize, in an unexpected show of support from Moscow for the jailed WikiLeaks founder.

In what appears to be a calculated dig at the US, the Kremlin urged non-governmental organisations to think seriously about "nominating Assange as a Nobel Prize laureate".

"Public and non-governmental organisations should think of how to help him," the source from inside president Dmitry Medvedev's office told Russian news agencies. Speaking in Brussels, where Medvedev was attending a Russia-EU summit yesterday , the source went on: "Maybe, nominate him as a Nobel Prize laureate."


  1. check out

    J.A. free again for now :)

  2. The only reason Russia is supporting Assange is because they hate the US and will do anything to make us look bad. Have you ever watched the state controlled Russia Today news? It is little more than politburo propoganda. I tell you nothing has changed since the Cold War.

  3. You do realize that Julian Assange is heterosexual right?

  4. Julian needs a bullet to the brain

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  6. It's awesome how you care more about a crappy movie with blue cat people in it than the fact that you are OPENLY SUPPORTING A KNOWN RAPIST.

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