Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Global Protest On December 25, 2010: DEFEND THE RIGHT TO KNOW

On December 25, 2010 we need all citizens of the world to rise up and to defend Julian Assange and our RIGHT TO KNOW.

Sharing information and revealing facts ARE NOT CRIMES.
Seeking peace is NOT A CRIME.
Wanting a global community based on peace and trust is NOT A CRIME.

No nation has the right to deny information to others, especially the United States. We live in a global community it is time for the U.S. to stop acting like the Earth is a pyramid and that it is on top. The Earth is round.


  1. When it puts the lives of troops in danger, yes it is a crime

  2. yeah, but you know what is a crime. RAPE!

  3. You're an asshat... and so is Assange. Worse, Assange is a criminal thig hiding behind his threats to "leak more documents" if he's chanrged with any crimes.

  4. fuck the USA. I hope wikileaks sinks you stupid yanks to hell

  5. Is is time America to be brought to trial. Assange should be the judge.

  6. Maybe the world is not ready for Julian or any other really brave person to fight for the truth.
    I think we are still too full of our own agenda to really care for the people around us and in Africa which is the most abused country of all.


  7. Hi, I will try to be short and understandable to the people that populate this site.

    I believe this is not the time to be putting out our own agenda about what we like or dislike.

    Julian has given his life out, for the freedom of information which has been suppressed for too long.

    Our true agenda should be to try to discover as much truth as we can about the world that was hidden from us in our school days (we were lied to).

    This will not be achieved by waiting for someone to put the Truth in your hand.

    It is You, who must wish for the Truth, and then You will know where to find It.

    With respect to You all.